Friday, October 8, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of the Cookie Cutter

I walked into Sur La Table yesterday and found out all of their cookie cutters are now on sale for just $0.56! They come in over 150 different shapes and are nice and sharp. Check out their Halloween cutters!For all you overtired mommies out there sifting through countless recipes and special menus for that upcoming party or playdate, RELAX! You don't have to go too fancy. It's all about the presentation. Try using cookie cutters to cut shapes in cheese, sandwiches, or fruits. For adults, cut some puff pastry sheets and layer in your favorite soft cheese and herbs in between.
Here's a simple snack bag I put together last year for our play group's trip to the pumpkin patch:

I used brown paper lunch bags and tied them with Halloween ribbon I found at Michaels for $0.99 a spool. I designed the tags and menu cards and printed them on regular white card stock. The "Muenster Sammies" are apple butter and muenster cheese sandwiches on rye cut into a ghost shape, wrapped in parchment paper, and tied with kitchen twine. I found
this recipe for Pumpkin Spice cookies which were easy to make and DELICIOUS! Lastly, I added one of my daughter's favorite snacks - veggie sticks for some nice color. Et Voila!

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  1. uhm, wow! can i just say that the coolest thing i have ever brought to a playdate was my iphone. sheesh girl. you rock!!!