Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby's First Haircut

Okay, so she's not exactly a baby anymore, and I couldn't bare to do a real haircut - just a trim on her bangs. I had this grand vision of taking her to some cute retro barber shop where she would sit in an airplane or fire engine chair and I would capture the first snips of those soft baby curls gently falling to the ground as she happily enjoyed a bright lollipop. Yeah right.

Many of my mom friends have cried over the first haircut (or every hair cut). I think it's partly a sentimental thing - they get this cut and they don't look like your baby anymore. They look like KIDS. Lots of times, it's not at all what you asked for or envisioned. I was so terrified of it, I swore I would never cut it and put her hair up in cute barrettes and pigtails. Unfortunately, like most toddlers, Marisa has her own opinion on that.

I decided to take her to my hair stylist at Holiday Salon. (Check back soon for a review on Holiday!) Marisa calmly sat on my lap and my stylist, Meghan, draped a cape over the both of us. Marisa noted it was, "like superheroes." Meghan could already see I was brushing Marisa's hair in a way that would give her side swept bangs so she quickly trimmed them in the same direction. I asked if we should trim the sides or back (I don't know what got into me!), but Meghan thankfully said she didn't think she needed a full cut yet. In less than five minutes, we were both happy customers! Marisa could see, and I felt like going home and dressing her in a Suri Cruise-esque outfit. While I couldn't get pictures of my good little girl sitting patiently during her haircut, I did go home and take these to at least document the day...

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  1. Marisa looks adorable!

  2. So cute! Congrats on surviving the first cut! I was one of your friends that cried for a week! Amanda