Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Hummingbird

After editing six holiday sessions in one week, and now working on two more from this weekend, plus some newborn pictures - mother nature stepped in and gave me a welcome distraction! Marisa came running into my room screaming, "A hummingbird! A hummingbird!" I followed her out to the living area and heard a fluttering, thumping sound against the sliding glass door. It was this little guy...
The poor thing's little chest was puffing so hard, I was afraid to freak him out with a net so I decided to just wait until my husband got home. Marisa and I laid there on the floor at a distance and just snapped pictures and discussed how pretty he was. I love taking pictures of families, but this was a nice change. :) And I'm happy to report, he made it out safely!

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