Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Rainy Day at Pretend City

On Sunday night, I had promised Marisa we would go to Disneyland in the morning. Unfortunately in the morning it was raining. I decided to try Pretend City in Irvine. We arrived at 9:57am and were asked to wait three minutes to buy our tickets because it was currently members only hour. Slightly annoying, but okay. The cost for tickets was $11 per person and we paid an extra two dollars to see the Curious George exhibit. I had imagined the place to be huge, so I brought my stroller in. I quickly realized that was not going to be necessary. Most moms just carried backpacks or diaper bags.

Marisa loved running from car to car and pretending to drive most of all. She was drawn to the Mexican restaurant kitchen and the pretend house kitchen, but she was too short to get to play with them much. We spent a good amount of time at the fisherman's wharf playing in the water, and she took to wearing a a police officer's helmet everywhere we went. All in all, I felt like we were just running around in circles a lot. It may have been sensory overload for her and she wasn't able to stop and really do anything. It seemed like 4-6 year olds were enjoying themselves the most.

The Curious George exhibit was a hit because it featured a rocket slide, and of course, we got a picture with Curious George. They had some shape sorting activities and a huge block building activity, but all attention was on the slide. We left after only an hour and ten minutes when Marisa couldn't get anything out of the markers or glitter pens in the art area. Marisa had a blast, but I left feeling like for now, this isn't the place for us. Considering the drive and the ticket price, one hour of activity just wasn't enough. I know lots of moms love this place though, so we'll give it another chance in a few years!

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